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Pulmonary Function Filters, Koko, Spirometrics, 1-3/4", BX/100

Pulmonary Function Filters, Koko, Spirometrics, 1 3/4", BX 100

  • Bacterial Removal Efficiency (BRE): 99.99%
  • Viral removal efficiency (VRE):  99.90%
  • Dead Space:  54mL (Low dead space is critical for use in advanced pulmonary mechanics and diffusion testing)
  • Flow Resistance:  .40 cm-H2O/L/Sec. (@ 12 L/Sec.) (3X more efficient than ATS specification)
  • Flow Resistance:  .16 cm-H2O/L/Sec. (AVG. 0-12 L/Sec.)
  • Low resistance assures compliance with ATS standards (even when saturated with water vapor)
  • Built-in cardboard mouth pieces  for patient comfort
  • Angled input port allows the cardboard mouthpiece to be removed and replaced with a rubber “Bite Adaptor” for use in Pulmonary Diffusion Tests
  • Utilizes a  revolutionary “Drum” design to hold electrostatic filter media in place
  • No “pins” or “fins” to obstruct flow
  • Each disposable filter is individually wrapped and sealed

Part Number: CBI-1503

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