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MiniOX 3000 Oxygen Monitor

 The MiniOX 3000 Oxygen Monitor is the obvious choice when you need continuous monitoring. Portable and easy to use, the MiniOX  3000 Oxygen Monitor is perfect for "in line" oxygen monitoring in such applications as hospital and home ventilators, NICU, and anesthesia delivery equipment.

The MiniOX 3000 Oxygen Monitor feature high and low oxygen concentration alarms, automatic calibration, battery life indicators with alarms, sensor/cable disconnect alarm, and an alarm verification indicator. Powered by one 9-volt battery, the MiniOX 3000 Oxygen Monitor provides up to 1500 hours of use.

Each MiniOX 3000 Oxygen Monitor is shipped ready-to-use, complete with oxygen sensor, coiled cable, tee adapter, battery and operations manual.





Part Number: 814365

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